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Earring Holders and Headband Holders (Kind of sorta)


We were on accessory mode this week and decided to make DIY earring holders and headband holders. It did not go exactly as planned, but I think in the end both Kayla’s were pleased with their results.

The earring holder was made from a picture frame, plastic mesh found at Micheal’s, and hot glue. To decorate, we got self-adhesive pearls and gems.

The Supplies:


*KH’s supplies changed a little by the end as she wasn’t liking the way the earring holder was looking.


You will need:

A picture frame (found at Micheal’s for $15 each)
Oatmeal container ($2 at Target)
Plastic mesh ($1 at Micheal’s)
Candle holder ($7 at Micheal’s)
Scrapbook paper (60 cents each at Micheal’s)
Gems, beads, pearls, and anything else you would like to use to decorate (we found some great self-adhesive gems and pearls at Micheal’s that were relatively cheap, around $2 per sheet)
Hot glue & glue gun

How To

Start off by cutting the mesh down to fit your frame properly.

Then glue the mesh onto the frame using the hot glue. This step gets HOT! After burning our fingers, we used a knife to push the glue properly to the frame.

Let the glue dry for 2 minutes, and then flip it over to begin decorating.

As you can see this is where KH changed supplies. She decided to use different decorations on her earring holder.

KD picked pearls to use on her frame.


For the headband holders, we realized once we were done decorating them that we used the wrong size oatmeal containers and they were too small to hold a headband. Ooops! KH turned her’s into a bank while KD is using her’s to store nail supplies (filers, clippers, nail polish remover, etc etc.)

We did not take pics of the steps being completed (oops again) but the process is very simple.

1. Take scrap book paper and cut it to fit your container. If your paper is too tall to go around the whole container, use two overlapping pieces in the back.

2. Add gems, beads, or any other decorations. If you have extra gems laying around from the earring holder here is a good place to put them to use!

3. Voila! Uou now have a cute container to hold misc. items (or if you use the correct bigger oatmeal containers, you have a headband older)!

See you next week! I think both of us are very excited for what we have in store to make!

♥ The Kayla’s